MADE Pictures

Inspiring the world to live more naturally

All successful endeavours require vision, an ambition, a dream, an idea or the imagining of an outcome.

MADE Pictures is about painting that picture, exploring, sharing, inspiring, those creative expressions and imaginings of how our world might be, how we can, should and need to identify better ways to ensure the future success for the generations to come and provide a platform from which to import our intergenerational wisdom - past, present and future.

It is a place for sharing what we and others stand for, the values we wish to explore and abide by, the opportunities we see for inspiring the future.

It is celebrated and supported through creative endeavours, from the arts to theatre, musical compositions, to speaking engagements, sculptures design and social expression.

It is about inspiring the imagination and seeking a collective view of what our future may be like, how a better way might manifest, through a sharing of a collective vision of where we may all wish to see civilisation advance.