Platform for the Arts & Culture

In the times we are currently living, where confusion, isolation, and loneliness are so prevalent in our society, MADE strongly believes that the arts and its unique ability to express, heighten and heal is crucial to building a community of belonging.

Creating communities rich in their celebration of arts and culture

Creating communities rich in their celebration of arts and culture

When was the last time your heart was touched by a song on the radio, your soul rejuvenated from an epic beat, or your mind inspired from a breathtaking painting?

Our arts, culture and community empowerment approach seeks to create a new stream where both creatives and residents, hailing from different backgrounds and cultures, are gathered, united and empowered through the arts to share their unique story. Instead of treating arts as a ‘nice to have’, we believe the arts are an essential part of our social identity and cultural fabric.

In alignment with our Journey of Change, MADE sees itself as the platform provider for the arts and is excited to journey with our communities, schools, creative organisations and artists to deliver relevant, engaging and meaningful “living” experiences through visual, taste and performing arts.

With Auranga, our hope is that it may become a prototype community for what it means to experience living in a truly integrated city - where arts and culture become a new way of life for all generations. As MADE empowered cities traverse into different cities and cultures, we are excited to find new ways of becoming the platform for arts to thrive. Our ultimate hope is that our residents themselves will become instruments uniting to create a new song together, for the better.