Delivering better ways of living

Our inspiration is to imagine, search for and deliver better ways of living. Through city making and story telling our ambition is to show the world what new living can be.

Through unrelenting and constant adherence to our values which sets the foundation of our pursuit and our behaviour, we seek to imagine the new. To build trust, to inspire collaboration, to deliver change - setting a new direction in the way we live - the way we live together and the way we live individually.

As a social enterprise focused on social outcomes through values-centric community building, we recognise that this field is often littered with idealism, cluttered with more talking than doing, frequently viewed with cynicism, slogans and awash with platitudes.

But we believe by acting with courage, integrity, humility, ingenuity and love, we can create the change we wish to inspire. Not simply imagining the future but making, doing and delivering what we believe to be a better way.

Our values are drawn from our beliefs, our observations and our faith. We respect the model of others and simply state our position up front to facilitate understanding that we do what we do in the interests of all.

A framework for imagining the future

Dignity through serving

Appreciation that we are a small part in a long line, that we are here to honour those who have come before us and serve those that will follow.

Resonating in the goodness of nature

Love for nature's creation, a willingness to learn from it, a desire to nurture it, a responsibility to sustain it, a belief in supporting it.

Security in belonging

Recognition of our social nature, the desire to belong, the benefit of respect, the appreciation of diversity, the power of unity.

The joy in generous giving

The secret of contentment and the joy of abundance, the importance of relationships, supported through interconnectedness and the ability to help each other thrive.

Our values

The inspiration behind MADE

"The founding of MADE came from a very personal place to inspire positive, enduring and far-reaching outcomes that empower humanity. We want to do our part in helping facilitate much-needed generational change for the better - in and beyond Aotearoa."