Imagine if

we were wise enough to learn from those who went before

generous enough to create places for all

recognised and respected the power of nature to nurture

designed for inheritance over profit

Imagine if

we were led by optimists



champions of change

if we all participated with common ambition and shared values

Imagine if

we were that courageous

that generous

that tenacious

that free

Imagine MADE

Inspired by dreaming.
Proven by doing.

We believe

We are an organisation inspired by a passionate belief. A belief that the way we are living is not serving us well. That the stories we are sharing are not inspiring the best within us. That as we continue to get lost in the virtual we must ensure we stay connected with the physical.

We believe that by acting with courage, integrity, humility, wisdom and love we can all turn our imaginings to action, creating a future where everyone has the opportunity to belong.

That as the cities and communities we are creating today ultimately influence and impact the economic trajectory of our nations tomorrow, we must collectively strive to find better ways to inspire abundance through a long horizon, holistic approach to our developments. Inspiring unified communities. Communities in which all people feel secure, content and enriched through purpose.

dream of

Creating communities together that every human heart longs for.

This is a vision, not defined by an outcome alone, it is not a distinction, nor an ambition to simply create improvement. It is a calling, a journey of discovery, a journey to redefine the way we inspire our communities, creating places of beauty and belonging, places that redefine how we live, work, and play together.

A journey we are navigating by seeking the answers to 3 questions:

Who is willing to respond to the complex challenges in a difficult time of significant change?

What does it look like to lead a better way that meaningfully advances civilization for all?

How will we honour the best of our diverse humanity required to achieve solutions beyond the known?


for life

An integrated and holistic approach to inspiring better ways

At MADE our commitment to identifying better ways is underpinned with the sharing of values, and encouraging the participation of many. We are motivated by a desire to explore, dream, develop and evolve new ways for creating the places we call home.

In the pursuit of our endeavours we have created an integrated business model that both inspires and delivers opportunities for change.

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MADE Pictures

All successful endeavours require vision, an ambition, a dream, an idea or the imagining of an outcome. MADE Pictures is about painting that picture, exploring, sharing, inspiring, those creative expressions and imaginings of how our world might be.

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MADE Platform

Ours is a significant challenge. It is one that can not be taken alone. Success will only come though identifying those with whom we share a vision, values and a spirit for exploring, dreaming and delivering the new.

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MADE City is where our dreaming turns to doing. But it is not simply about building cities and laying infrastructure, it is about inspiring and unifying communities, creating places of belonging.

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MADE Foundation

MADE Foundation is the means to inspire enduring outcomes, inspiring the movement required to encourage the organic, truthful and compelling acts, events, activities and stories that embrace the shared community values and bring the soul of the community to life in continued and sustained ways.