MADE Cities

Inspiring better cities - starting from home

MADE Cities is our community building division. It is where we are testing our thinking and implementing our doing, creating a system for making cities that leave nobody behind.

We do this in New Zealand not only because it is our home, but because it is a place that is not lost in a paradigm of history. A place that welcomes and embraces new thinking, rises to new challenges and has a culture of collaboration. Aotearoa is also a place forged from a spirit of endeavour and ingenuity.

We draw from examples of civilisations where small, humble places have had a profound impact on human civilisation. What if we were able to draw wisdom and inspiration from the proven I.P. before us to create better communities today?

Our journey began with Auranga - the first master-planned community in the rapidly growing region of Drury, located in one of the world’s most liveable cities, Auckland – Tāmaki Makaurau. Learn more about Auranga.

MADE’s second endeavour, EDIN Rotokauri, is nestled in North Hamilton within the Waikato region - renowned for being the country’s food basket and being one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand. The new community is being delivered with the same human-centric approach, drawing on the same wisdom and values that have underpinned Auranga’s foundations while integrating attributes and addressing needs that make this region truly special. Learn more about EDIN Rotokauri

Turning dreaming into doing